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Science Students and their Garri Research
« on: September 06, 2017, 01:10 PM »
Science students are the best learners and innovators in the world. I commot cap for una. A young guy has been boasting to his girlfriend about his meal routine. Unfortunately for him, one day his girlfriend came over to his house without informing him. Hmmm, guess what happened when she caught him red-handed drinking Garri. This conversation ensued:

Guy: What the hell are you doing here at this time of the day without informing me?
Girl: Hmmm, I came to see you
Guy: No problem. As you can see, am doing a research.
Girl: Wow!!! I see. But you are about drinking garri
Guy: Hey!!! Me, that's impossible. This is part of my research, I just want to test the amount of starch present in the garri.
Girl: Uhmm wonderful. With spoon and groundnut right?
Guy: Bae, try to understand this. I know you are not science inclined so let me explain.
The spoon is called a Spatula to stir the garri and the groundnut you see is chemically called a Catalyst just to speed up the rate of the starch reaction, nothing more.
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