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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Online
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:52 PM »
Bitcoin, is an online Crypto-currency that has gained popularity over the years. The No. 1 E-currency for multi-level marketing and exchange trade is fast appreciating in the exchange rates of over 100% in less than three months.

What this means is that those that bought bitcoin in the month of March or April are smiling to their banks because exchange rates have tripled. It is never too late to buy bitcoin and leave it in your wallet for a short period. It can rise up to triple the amount you bought it. Not only leaving You can also use your purchased bitcoin for various investments programs that promises different percentage of profit. Investments like these are of high risk and you might end up losing some if not all your money.

Buying bitcoin online can be a risky business because of the high number of fraudulent sellers who would gladly accept your money and won't send you the bitcoin you paid for.
There are trusted bitcoin traders you can buy and sell bitcoins online with. Some of the ones we've used are Naira4dollar, Bitx and Localbitcoins. If you want to buy bitcoins online, here is how to buy.

  • Register and log in to Localbitcoins.com
  • Upload identification documents like ID Card or driving license to verify your account
  • Open trade with available merchants of high reputation to place buy or sell orders with preferred payment method (Bank transfer, face to face Paypal or Western Union

Local bitcoin provides an escrow service that ensures you get your bitcoin after making payments to the seller.
All payments disputes between you and merchants in localbitcoins are handled by a support team that verify proof of payment and release bitcoin in case of delay.

If you are in Nigeria, you can also use local bitcions to purchase using the steps above or follow the steps below to buy bitcoin from Ngbuzz team instantly.
  • Contact us directly to confirm current price of bitcoin and required quantity
    E-mail: admin@ngbuzz.com, Phone No.: +2348106680892
  • Provide us with your Wallet ID

Thats it. We are open to supply you with valid and reliable updates on bitcoin prices depending on your desired choice.


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