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Reasons why Dogs Eat Grass
« on: October 04, 2017, 01:53 PM »
Dogs are mammals and are generally regarded as man’s friend and pet. But there is a controversial trait exhibited by these species which can otherwise raise eyebrows; this is the act of nibbling a grass patch especially when they are let loose in the lawn or backyard for a leisure walk or midday romp. This behavior likely baffles dog owners since dogs are omnivores and not herbivorous.
Technically, such cravings are generalized to be a disorder called PICA which is the craving for inedible things.
Logically, there doesn't seem to be one single reason dogs love to munch the lawn. Extensive investigating shows there could be numerous explanations for the behavior. Fortunately, though, the overall assumption is that this habit won't endanger your dog.

But if this habit baffles you enough to question the source of your dog's biological appetite, you would obviously want reasons. Below are detailed explanations for such behavior.

  • They're satisfying a nutritional breach: Most times, dogs that are well fed are out of this option since their feeding is taken care of by their owners. Otherwise, It's worth noting, though, because some pet owners who prefer to prepare their pet’s food themselves tend to make their pets prone to nutritional breach — particularly if they're new to this sort of feeding. Other dogs who might likely fall into this category are neglected or abandoned dogs that are excessively hungry. The medical idea is that if a dog’s nutritional wants aren’t filled; their body tends to search for certain nutrients to satisfy themselves. In this case, it is advised to provide them high-fiber food variety to help them correct it.
  • It is regarded as an evolutionary trait: Medical specialists, proscribed a theory  that domestic dogs, crave green grass due to traits from their ancestral DNA. This theory proposes that "wild dogs are naturally omnivores; therefore trained dogs instinctively include plant material in their diet." General assumption is that undomesticated dogs develop a taste for grass because it filled the stomachs of the prey they consumed.
  • They like that greenish grass taste: Oftentimes, the simplest explanation is the most logical reason. Research shows that dogs are natural foragers who are pretty much always on the hang around sniffing for their next tasty crumb. Assumingly, there might be a distinct possibility since Dogs behave like humans so likely they can crave for that taste of fresh greenish plants.
  • They have a troubled stomach: Dating back when we were much younger, we were told that dogs eats grass when they develop a troubled stomach. Like humans, dogs tend to seek out natural cure to slight sickness which involves the stomach like gas bloating and nausea; so, they refer to grass eating. Medically, it is believed that grass which is made up of tiny hairs on the blade prickle digestion system like the esophagus and stomach when they are consumed. This is turn makes the dog to vomit out whatever they ate that might have led to the stomach upset.

Most times, when it's been done by puppies, it might be likely a symptom of boredom which can be corrected by engaging the pup in a fun-filled activity like the tossing of Frisbee to keep it occupied.
It’s a great idea, to always seek the aid of a veterinary if the grass eating habit spirals or you noticed any other change in their diet. In the meantime, it is advisable to stick to non-hazardous products in your backyard so your pup doesn't risk being poisoned when he lunches on your lawn.



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