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5 Indirect Compliments Guys Say to Girls
« on: January 30, 2018, 10:30 AM »
It seems girls are not the only one who give backhanded compliments to their fellow girls, guys do so too.
We've all seen in the movies such Mean Girls, Cyberbully with many others where the popular and chic girls belittle and give mean compliments to "lower class" girls, apparently guys are in on this too. This also applies in reality.

We know girls often give mean compliments intentionally but you've got to admit guys are pretty mean on it too...lol..even if they don't mean to or don't even realize it.

So below are some common examples of guy to girl insults wrapped in compliments:

"You are a really good driver for a lady".
Guy like...really?...I guess I'm steering with my b**bs like all other ladies.

"I like how you are not obsessed with the way you look".
Apparently, I don't give a damn about how much effort i put into not caring with how i look...but thanks anyways...not.

"You look so beautiful on Facebook".
Ohhh...the "fix my ugliness" app does wonders, huh?

You're pretty for a {overweight/short/Muslim/White etc girl".
That's just wrong...Yeaa...just wrong

"You're not like them other crazy girls I've dated"


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