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Having seen the topic of this post, what do you think is the reason fathers abandon their family?

Firstly we need to know the true meaning of a family, a family is a group of people who are related to each other by blood, especially a mother, father and children. Knowing about the meaning of a family yet a lot of men don’t value it as anything, they think that having a family is a burden they cant bear, some think is not an easy task to manage a family, a lot of men think that staying single is the best part because they don’t need family problems, they don’t want to face the ups and down of the family. Some men might even have a family without marriage, and they may think  that the wife’s family will attack them spiritually since he has not properly married the wife in a traditional way. In this part of our world we value traditional marriage more than the white men marriage because it begins from our fore fathers, it is ancestral and the customs has to continue to the end of time. Men leaving their family behind affects their children negatively especially in the school aspects, when playing with peers that likes talking about their fathers it affects them and make them to feel abandon and rejected.
1. Fear to take responsibilities
2. Lusting after other women
3. Nagging wife
4. Keeping bachelors as friends
5. Excessive demanding wife.
Those men ruining away from their families only show that they don’t know the importance of a family.  Some men fail to know that family is not just important but is everything, there is no family that is perfect, because families fight, argue and stop talking to each other at the end family is still family. Families are not built on money but is base on love and affection for each other.
So now you have seen some of the reasons fathers choose to abandon their families. If you have more kindly comment below and don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

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