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Though English language is the official Language in Nigeria, the Nigerian Pidgin English could be said to be the language all Nigerians can understand despite speaking other local dialects.

Pidgin English which is adapted from English language is fast loosing it's popularity and usage as speaking pidgin is now attributed to being Uneducated, razz, and unethical.
Schools have disciplinary measures lined up to punish students who use pidgin within the school premises. Kids are scolded for using pidgin at home.

The irony of this is that the jamaican patwa which is also adapted from English is being celebrated all over the world. Radio stations in Nigeria host shows dedicated to reggae where the presenter must communicate strictly in Patwa.

A few have chosen not to be ashamed of the pidgin English and established nationwide Radio stations like Wazobia FM and social networking websites like naweown.com which conduct their activities strictly in pidgin English.

So Is the pidgin english so bad that we should be ashamed of it and not speak it? Publicly or privately?
Or is it something that should be a cultural pride. - your thoughts...

- Warri I hail Una oh- hehehe

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