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The saying "Google Has All the Answers" Is often true than Not, So when A follower on twitter (@lansalhunta) blamed his inability to commit to a relationship on the fact that Nigerian women are the most Unfaithful - I didn't believe this until i was amazed by the search result for "Most unfaithful Women in the world."

We know they all have their flaws (Mostly Materialistic) and can be desperate sometimes - but to be ranked as the Most unfaithful women in the world? That's Huge!!! - How did they come up with this ranking?

According to the The Daily Times news paper, The ranking was made via results of a survey by the popular condom manufacturer "Durex."

The survey revealed that Thailand ranked 1st as the most Unfaithful Men In the world - where 54% admitted to cheating on their spouses.
South Korea was ranked 2nd and Malaysia Third.

The survey result for women ranked Nigeria 1st most unfaithful with 62%, while Thailand ranked 59 % and Malaysian women 3rd.

Google Search Result

Nigerian Men - Brush the dirt of your shoulders and keep your head up high - Nothing do you. As for the 62% of women giving the other faithful ones a bad name - God will Judge you.

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