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In the Good Old days, people who stole from the market get paraded around the town carrying the item they stole while singing songs confessing what they've done.

This Primitive way of punishing thieves served as a warning to others and made one think twice about stealing.
It worked in the ancient times until the dawn of civilization and the rule of law.

I've heard stories of thieves being burnt alive in markets especially in Lagos.
Musicians often use the the phrase in their songs "Bring Tire, Bring Fuel".

University of Port Harcourt Students burnt alive
The Four University of Port Harcourt Students lost to Jungle Justice

But none of this could prepare Nigerians for the Tragic Torture and murder of FOUR University of Port Harcourt students in broad day light on Friday, 5th October 2012 at Umuokiri community, Aluu in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State.

They allegedly stole laptops and phones, and were tortured beyond recognition before being burnt to death while people stood by taking pictures and making video recordings of the act.

I could not watch 5 seconds of the video so it will not be posted here, neither will i show the pictures which have been in circulation.

The following questions need to be answered:
  • Where was the relevant security agencies when this was going on?
  • How many arrests have been made?

I Trust the Governor Ameachi Led Administration and the Police command will not let this one slide.
They denied the four Victims justice - Now they must face Justice.
Say NO To Jungle Justice!

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Aluu kill four Uniport students
There  have been reports by the security agencies that over 13 arrests have been made following the killing of four University of port Harcourt students.

Amongst the arrested persons are Aluu community chiefs, monarch and members of the vigilante group.

Support for the victims keep flooding in on social media from everyone including Nigerian celebrities.
The most recent is a Blog post written by Rapper - MI Abaga - The Mr. Incredible posted on his blog "miagaba.com"

He writes about how Nigerians HOPE for justice without working towards it...
Nigerian Rapper MI Abaga's blog logo
...The way they lay there, beaten and broken, battered and bruised. Knowing their end had come for certain. Knowing that the crowd meant to see this through to the end. And yet, in the midst of all this certainty, in some small corner of their hearts, hoping. That something would happen, some miracle perhaps....
... Because when things like this happen, it seems our default reaction is to hope it will never happen to us or any one we know or love. Then we hope that our religion and hard work and luck will exempt us from senseless suffering. Sometimes we hope that right thing will be done, the wrong doers brought to book, and the victims receive some sort of justice.

Every day we hope the country we live in will be a better place for us and for our children.
And that is the problem with hope.
That we have allowed it to cripple us and render us inactive.
You , me, all of us who sit by hoping and doing nothing to change...
Read the rest of MI's Blog post here http://miabaga.com/p/opinion-aluu-4-the-hope-is-the-worst-part-of-it/
MI also released a New single Dedicated to the Aluu4 Victims
Download and Listen to Ashes By MI

The 2 time Bigbrother Africa Winner and TV host - Sir UTi - as he's fondly called is not keeping quiet about this tragic lose either.
He has joined other Nigerians to call for Justice, and from the recent reports - It seems Justice Will prevail this time.
Sir Uti tweets

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Several arrests have been made and a manhunt for others directly / indirectly responsible to the tragic events.

Trust the Nigerian Police force to show off the "Suspects" to the media nah - So that you will know they're doing there work well.
Aluu community has been deserted by residents for fear of retaliation. Security personnel have also been dispatched to keep the peace.

Here's a Picture of some suspects already in Police Net!


Aluu4 Victim, Ugonna Has been buried - RIP
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One of the Victims of the Aluu4 Tragedy has been Buried.
Ugonna Obuzor Was buried last week at his home town.

May his Gentle soul rest in peace.


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