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The stages of romatic relationship New
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  • The obsessive stage of love: This stage is when the spouses are under illusion. The person that they are in love with is perfect, at least perfect for them.
    No matter what they hear about them, they keep deaf ears to it.
    They make excuses for them.
    They spend day and night thinking about them.
    They have irrational thought such as, "I'll never be happy, unless we are together".
    I want to spend my entire life with you.
    I cant do without you.
  • 2. The covenant stage of love: This stage is different from the first one. In this stage passion must nurture your love. There is no more obsession. This stage is where you begin to recall all that you have heard about your spouse. This love is commitment to love no matter what.
    It require thought and action. It does not wait for the encouragement of warm emotion, but chooses to look out for the interest of the lover because you are committed to each others well-being.
    You behavior will affect the person's emotion.

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